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Why do you need a strong roof on your home? To support Santa's sleigh, of course! In a more realistic sense, however, a strong roof is important for your home's protection. It keeps the wind and rain outside, and it also insulates your home against the chill of winter and the heat of summer. Most people think of roofs as being made from shingles, but roofers can make a strong roof from slate, tile, metal, or an array of other materials, too. We hope that as you read this roofing blog, you gain a lot of knowledge about the profession and about roofs in general.


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Two Questions About Flat Roofs That You Should Know The Answer To

Do you need to replace the flat roof on your building and think that you don't have that many options before you move forward with the job? Here are a few questions you may have about flat roofs that you may not have thought of before. 

Are There Different Kinds Of Flat Roof Materials?

There are actually a few different materials that can be used to replace a flat roof. There are membranes, bitumen, and standing seam metals. Each kind of material has its own pros and cons, which is why it helps to know the differences between them. 

Membrane roofs come in several materials, such as PVC, TPO, and EPDM. This can cause you to wonder when to use each material. EPDM works best when you can see the flat roof from a window since it is not going to show dirt that much. PVC and TPO roofs do a great job at reflecting heat but don't look that great. PVC is going to resist punctures better, and TPO performs better from exposure to the sun. 

Bitumen is a sheet that adheres to the roof, and it is commonly used for commercial buildings because it's incredibly durable and easy to work with. However, they also don't look that great for residential homes. Standing seam metal is great for low slope roofs since it allows the water to easily flow off the roof when there is heavy rainfall. Standing seam metal is going to be the most expensive though.

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Necessary With A Flat Roof? 

The key to maintaining a flat roof will be to keep it clean. This is because the lack of a big slope can cause dirt and debris to get trapped on the roof, which can lead to more damage. Plan to trim any nearby trees so that the leaves do not land on the surface, and sweep debris off the roof when you see it. If not, you could end up with algae growth that can cause damage. 

The flat roof material may need to be patched as well when a leak forms. If you are using a rolled roofing material, this may involve placing a new section of material over the part of the roof that is leaking. You can typically find leaks by seeing water lines where water has pooled on the surface. Chances are that there is a leak at the center of where the water rings are located.

Reach out to a roofing contractor in your area for more information about flat roof replacement services.