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Why do you need a strong roof on your home? To support Santa's sleigh, of course! In a more realistic sense, however, a strong roof is important for your home's protection. It keeps the wind and rain outside, and it also insulates your home against the chill of winter and the heat of summer. Most people think of roofs as being made from shingles, but roofers can make a strong roof from slate, tile, metal, or an array of other materials, too. We hope that as you read this roofing blog, you gain a lot of knowledge about the profession and about roofs in general.


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A Commercial Concrete Pressure Cleaning Service Can Make the Entry to Your Building Clean and Fresh

One of the best ways to clean concrete is with pressure washing. The force of the water can remove ground-in dirt and stains, so the concrete looks much lighter and newer. You get used to seeing the front of your office building, so you may not even realize how bad the concrete looks. You will probably be surprised at how much better your entry looks after pressure cleaning. Here are some important things to know about commercial concrete pressure cleaning.

Hire A Skilled Professional

Make sure you hire a professional with experience in pressure washing concrete. This is important or your entry might have streaks and uneven cleaning. An experienced professional knows the right attachments to use and the right way to spray the water jet so the concrete becomes a uniform light color.

If the spray isn't applied evenly, the areas washed with less pressure will look darker than areas washed with higher pressure, and that can cause your entry to look worse than if all the concrete was still dirty.

Try To Get The Work Done While You're Closed

The pressure washing company won't be able to work around your entry when people are coming and going. Try to get a company that can work before you open or after you close if possible. Otherwise, have them come up with a plan for doing the work in sections so people can come and go without getting wet from overspray.

The area around the door will be the hardest to complete when you're open for business, so if you have an alternate entrance you could use for a short time, that might be a good plan. Then you won't have to worry about anyone being sprayed.

Discuss Whether To Use Cleaning Agents

A pressure washer can remove most stains, but the cleaning service may want to use cleaning chemicals as well. These can be applied to stains and allowed to work for several minutes before they are rinsed away. This makes stain removal easier and possible with a lower pressure setting.

The downsides to using chemicals include the harm they might cause to your landscaping, but the cleaning crew can protect the landscaping by watering it and covering the plants with a tarp for protection. The commercial concrete pressure cleaning company is always careful not to damage any of your property or harm any plants while they're working with the pressure washer.

Consider Cleaning Other Areas

Once you see how much better the entry to your building works, you might wish you could have the rest of your property pressure washed. A commercial concrete pressure cleaning service—such as Northern Flow LLC—can clean fences, siding, and even concrete tile roofing. Pressure cleaning is much less expensive than painting, so it's a good way to get all of your concrete surfaces to look clean and fresh.